How CBD and Exercise Can Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental state of a person when he/ she face any kind of unexpected and extreme circumstances. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness that causes sweat, restlessness, panicking, and rapid heartbeat. Anxiety disorders are the form of mental health in which the symptoms of anxiety exceed the levels and get worse over time. Mild anxiety might be unstable and vague while severe anxiety might affect day-to-day living seriously.


According to American Psychological Association (APA), anxiety is an emotion featured by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. If a person knows the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorder which requires medical help it would be easy to identify and treat the condition.


Does CBD help in anxiety?

Anxiety is a serious problem and is best treated by combining two or more treatments which include therapy, medication, and exercise.

So, CBD alone cannot cure anxiety 100%.

Yes, it could certainly help relieve some symptoms when combined with other treatments, especially exercise.

However, some medical evidence has proved that CBD can help you to hold your anxiety.


CBD products have been exhibited to improve the condition of anxiety among people. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, either from the marijuana plant, marijuana seed banks, or hemp plant. Irrespective of the variety of plants, CBD cannot include enough THC to make a person high. It cannot contain more than 3 percent THC legally. It allows you to get the benefits like relaxation, anxiety relief, and help in sleep, and also relieves pain.

Just like the other things in life CBD responds to every person differently. While it may reduce a person’s anxiety drastically, on the other side it may do nothing for someone else. So, it might be of great help for some but for some, it may be valueless.


What should you look out for while buying CBD products?

There are various CBD brands in the market currently and to find the right product, you should keep the following things in your mind:


  • Check the label– The label of the product would say many facts. If it is a dietary supplement, there should be a warning sign and FDA disclaimer. It would be better if you have the access to their third-party lab testing results as well.
  • Whether it is third-party tested– CBD products have to be tested by a third party because the test confirms the label’s accuracy. As per several studies conducted, 26% of CBD products contained lower doses than was mentioned on the bottle. You should always look for the certificate of analysis from a third party or a quality assurance stamp.
  • Batch number– When you buy bagged lettuce or raw chicken, you check the batch number so that you know that the product won’t make you sick. Similarly, you should check the batch number of CBD products before buying them. You should be able to identify the product in case it is made improperly and report it to the company.
  • Check the dosing mentioned– A lot of brands do not instruct their consumer about the dosing. You should check if the dose is mentioned on the label of the CBD product. Do not forget to check if there are any additional ingredients in the product.


Depression and anxiety are some of the common health disorders with overwhelming impacts on well-being. Depression is even a contributor to worldwide disability. Some medications can be addictive but, CBD is a natural approach to cure the disorders without any side effects. You will find CBD products in convenience shops and shopping malls. However, when in doubt, buy it from natural grocers.


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