How Efficient Are Actually Air Purifiers When It Comes to Eliminating Weed Smell?

Many experts tried to weigh whether or not air purifiers can really filter out germs, dust, mold, and more. The promise every air purifier gives you is clean air in your home. However, given the fact that indoor air can have a lot more pollutants and allergens than outdoor air, the question of efficiency remains unanswered.

In this article, we’ll explore how efficient air purifiers are even when it comes to weed smell, tobacco, or any other allergens. We’ll share some interesting information on how air purifiers make your living space healthier and give you some useful advice on keeping your home clean.


How Do Air Purifiers Work?

The way air purifiers work is quite straightforward. All of them have one or several different filters and a powerful fan that sucks in and circulates air. As the air moves through the filter, pollutants, smells, and other particles are captured, and the clean air is pushed back into your space.

For most purifiers, filters are made from fibers, paper, or some mash. Of course, all of them require replacements up to few times a year to maintain efficiency. With a lot of air purifiers on the market, some of them come with reusable and washable filters, while others have singe use ones.

Reusable filters are better if you want to remove bigger particles from the air like pollen, dust mites, or dust. Many producers claim that air purifiers can also decrease the levels of bacteria or mold.

Are Air Purifiers Effective?

The shortest answer is yes, they are. But it’s worth mentioning that an air purifier won’t remove or neutralize everything. This is because many particles can sit on your furniture, bookshelves, bedding, and carpeting. Even the best air purifiers can only work with what they can find in the air, and that’s why it’s so important to clean your home often and remove as many of those particles as you can.

What Should Air Purifiers Filter Out?

A vast majority of air purifiers that you can find are designed to capture particles and pollen. However, they are not good at catching gasses.

That would require an absorbent like activated carbon as its particles can capture almost anything they encounter. If you want a cleaner that successfully removes smells from smoking tobacco or weed – on, you can find what you are looking for. Changing your filters timely is ideal for optimal functionality as your purifier needs clean ones to work properly.

How Successful Air Purifiers Are When It Comes to Weed Smoke?

The right air purifier can remove almost every smell from your house and leave it clean. In areas where there are many fires, people are interested to know whether air purifiers can handle the smoke and other dangerous particles coming into the house.

With a strong cleaner with a clean filter, it is possible to remove the most dangerous particles. They are even great for removing the smell of any type, from burnt cake to weed smells. But keep in mind that air purifiers are not almighty and can’t remove everything.

Should People with Allergies Use Air Purifiers?

For now, there’s little medical evidence that suggests that air purifiers can significantly improve your health, but they can alleviate symptoms and allow easier breathing. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, bigger purifiers with carbon filters will make you feel better inside your home.

What Else You Can Do to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

The best advice we can give you to address indoor pollution and smoke is to ventilate your house regularly. Adding more plants is also good for improving air quality, however, make sure all of them are good for filtrating air.

Here’s a few more advice that you might find useful:

  1.     Always Keep One Window Open

By opening windows on the opposite side of the room or the whole house, you’ll let some fresh air into your space and let the stale one out. Creating a stronger cross draft will make you feel better even if you have to stay inside all day.

  1.     Change Air Filters Regularly

If you want your air purifier to work with max effectiveness, you’ll have to plan and always have one spare filter at hand. As soon as you see that the current filter is at its end, remove it and add a new one. If you have a washable filter, make sure to clean it as often as possible.

  1.     Vacuum Floors and Clean Your Home Regularly

Even if it sounds like a cliché sentence, believe us that keeping your house clean can significantly change the smells inside. Plus, if you regularly remove dust from your floors and carpets, the filters in your air purifier will last longer.

  1.     Use Kitchen Exhaust

By switching your exhaust in the kitchen, you will be able to remove some of the strongest smells. Even if you like spicy food and slow cooking, your home will still smell clean since all those smells will end up inside the exhaust pipes.

  1.     Don’t Use Candles That Often

Candles with strong smells and aromas can make the air in your home feel heavy, and those of you with allergies might even feel hard to breathe. To prevent it, make sure to use candles only if you are outside or buy electric ones.

Air Purifier Benefits

While medication for allergies and asthma can help alleviate some of the symptoms and prevent strong reactions, air purifiers may help remove the source of your symptoms, to begin with. After weeks of continued use of air purifiers in your living space, the chances of you experiencing weaker symptoms and fewer allergic reactions increase.

However, every doctor will tell you that air purifiers are not a replacement for your medication. Also, if you live with someone that smokes tobacco or weed and doesn’t want to feel the smoke, a new air purifier will help you keep a clean house. 

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