How Online Headshops Have Become More Popular in Recent Years

The Internet has become indispensable for shoppers over the past year as they continue to experience the benefits of e-commerce channels that have been on the rise for the last several years. The same is true for smoke supply shoppers. However, some still believe that physical shopping is best—customers want to make sure that they are getting their money’s worth, and they can take home their purchases the same day. Still, the number of online headshops have been growing. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly reinforced the important of digital shopping, but online headshops have also grown for the following reasons.   




  • Product Selection 

When it comes to suppliers, the best online headshop has many connections. Online headshops don’t have to limit themselves to a few suppliers they have to use as a part of their branding. It’s easier to find and reach out to more suppliers offering high-quality products using the Internet. An online shop can get as much as three times the inventory of a physical shop. That offers more options for their customers, which ultimately leads to more conversions into sales. 


  • Affordable Prices 

Online shops have become popular over the course of years because they also tend to have low prices. The products don’t come with overhead costs, unlike brick-and-mortar shops do. Proprietors typically add additional costs on their products because of the rent, payroll, insurance, and utilities required for running a physical shop. Those who want to run a business selling smoking supplies can easily create a simple or professional online shop containing their best inventory. The cost of running an online headshop is more affordable, even with the costs of various apps needed to run the store.  


  • Detailed Product Descriptions 

Online headshops, unlike physical stores, already have product information in place on the item’s pages, including the name, how the product is used, and its specifications.  

For example, a beginner may not know what a chameleon glass is and how it works. They are high-quality glass components for smoking that beginners may not know about. Detailed descriptions may provide a bit of information for all types of buyers.  

It saves you the time and the frustration of talking with a staff member that doesn’t have any idea about what they’re selling. It would be uncomfortable if the customer knows more about the product than the headshop’s actual staff.  


  • Discretion or Privacy 

Even as the laws on the use and sale of cannabis are easing, there is still the stigma associated with smoking derivatives. You can even get fired for legal marijuana smoking in some cases. If a family member or an employer got wind of your habit, they might start to discriminate against you. 

Online headshops allow smokers to shop in private without risking their identities. With physical headshops, you will have to appear in person and risk running into someone you know who disapproves of smoking.  


  • Convenient 

An avid online shopper is familiar with the convenience of shopping without the need to leave home. The downside is that you’ll have to wait a few days before you can hold your items. However, unlike physical shops, proprietors offer replacements on broken or malfunctioning products. Online headshops also tend to offer exclusive deals and discounts that some physical stores do not.  

Some headshop brands may offer subscription boxes delivered to their loyal customers who may want to try a combination of products or introduce new ones. It’s another strategy that keeps customers coming back for more and makes online headshops more exciting than the average shop. 


  • Excellent Customer Service 

The difference between online and physical headshops also lies in the capabilities of the staff. Some are knowledgeable about the products they help sell, while some are just after the job. Because of a live chat feature, customers will be able to ask questions right away. Knowledgeable staff will be able to investigate smoking supply components for you if you have more questions.  


  • Safety 

Shopping at an online headshop can be considered safer than shopping in person. For one, there are digital securities in place for your personal account and payment methods. Online shops will offer many ways to pay for your purchase and safeguard sensitive financial details.  

If you want to be sure that an online headshop is secure, look for the lock icon at the left side of the URL bar. That means that website is also secure because they host their site using an https rather than only http, which is more vulnerable.  


In Conclusion 

Online headshops have been around for several years because of the overall convenience they’re providing for online shoppers. They provide options and safety for online users and privacy for those who want to keep their habits secret. And because of the pandemic, shoppers are safe from the virus because they can shop from their homes. Online headshops are not likely to go away and continue to flourish for all the benefits they offer.

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