How to Be More Discreet When Vaping


If you class yourself as an introvert, the last thing you might want is for all eyes to be on you as you vape. Yet, you might feel self-conscious when using a vaporizer in public or socializing with friends. 

If you would prefer to remain under the radar when vaping dry herbs or concentrates, there are some steps you can take to avoid unwanted attention. Read the following advice on how to be more discreet when vaping.

Hide Attention-Grabbing Lights on Your Vaporizer

Many portable vaporizers and vape pens feature an LED or light notification, which can catch people’s eyes when using a vape. The attention-grabbing light often illuminates to inform an owner when it is powered on or off or may feature changing colors due to a high or low temperature. 

Some portable vapes will also illuminate each time a person inhales, which may cause people to take notice of the vaporizer or vape pen. If this sounds familiar, you might want to change your vaporizer or cover the LED with tape or your finger when in use.

Choose a Sleek and Understated Design

A colorful, cheap-looking vaporizer will stand out like a sore thumb when in use. Draw less attention to yourself each time you vape by choosing a high-quality, sleek design that will allow you to use dry herbs or concentrates stylishly and discreetly. For instance, you could buy one of the black, modest dry herb vaporizers that will slip into your bag discreetly and will not draw others’ attention when in public. 

Find a Quiet Spot to Vape

If you are worried about people staring at you when vaping, find a quiet, secluded spot to enjoy dry herbs or concentrate in comfort. It will allow you to focus on the experience instead of worrying about others watching you. Walking a few minutes away from your workplace or waiting a few minutes more for a less crowded spot might require a little more effort, but it might feel worth the wait.

Exhale Through Your Nose

If a sudden wave of surrounding vapor makes you feel on display in public, try to inhale it discretely before slowly exhaling it out from your nose. It will decrease the amount of vapor that encircles you when in public, which will make you feel less self-conscious when using a vaporizer. Some people also find it helpful to take an extra breath to reduce the vapor in the air, but you must ensure your first breath isn’t too deep.

Use the Lowest Temperature Setting

If you are often surrounded by large, noticeable vape clouds when using a vaporizer, the device might be on the wrong setting. If you prefer to vape more discretely, you would be wise to use a portable vape in the lower temperature setting to reduce the clouds around you. Of course, this handy tip will not apply to all devices, as it is only for vaporizers with variable temperature settings.

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