How to Clean Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer that combines quality, reliability, and convenience in one package. This is one of the all-time best in the vape market, but just like any other vaporizer, it needs cleaning every now and then. This is necessary to keep your unit running efficiently for a long time. If you use it several times a week, expect a gunk build-up. Usually, once per month is enough to keep your Volcano in tip-top shape.

The good thing for users is that Volcano vaporizers are simple enough to clean. The base station, filling chamber and valves are the parts that should be maintained. Some cleaning materials you will be needing are isopropyl alcohol, brush, cotton swabs, glass jars, soap, and warm water. Other users also attest to using sea salt to make their Volcano squeaky clean. 

The following guide will help you learn more about how to clean your Volcano Vaporizer.

Cleaning Your Volcano Vaporizer

While the monthly cleaning of a Volcano vaporizer is usually the norm, there are instances when you have to do it as needed. When your vape does not feel as efficient as it usually does or when the herbal smell is not going away even if the device is empty or turned off, it probably needs some cleaning. Build-up tends to occur in the filling chamber. Valves must also be replaced once they start to smell odd. Learn more about volcano vaporizer.


The Base Station

The base unit of your Volcano vaporizer usually does not require much care. If the stainless steel outer surface gets dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. You must avoid using any sort of liquid cleaners or alcohol on the base. Anything abrasive is also a no-no. A mild soap is enough to clean the spots that water cannot remove. 

There is an air filter at the bottom of the Volcano that must be checked for contamination. If dirty, this can cause airflow issues. Whenever you do routine cleaning, see if the sponge needs to be replaced. Once in a while, you must flip over the base unit to shake out any loose herb that must have fallen inside. Never open up your unit to clean the inside.


The Filling Chamber

If there is any part in your Volcano vaporizer that needs a deep cleaning, it is the filling chamber. You must first disassemble the chamber by taking apart the cap housing. Pop-out the screen by pushing the end of your cleaning brush. From the capped cylinder, remove the silicone o-ring then take out the lower half of the chamber. Once the metal collar is out, the clip will also fall out. If you need help disassembling, see this step-by-step guide on how to clean volcano vaporizer.

After taking apart the components, clean them using a cleaning brush or a cotton bud. You can use a mild cleaner or some Isopropyl alcohol. Soak the silicone rings and other plastic parts in warm, soapy water. Meanwhile, the capped cylinder, cylinder, screens, and clips must be soaked in alcohol for about 30 minutes to remove the accumulated residue. Rinse all the pieces with warm water and let them dry. Then, put them back together in the correct order.

Disposable Valves

Easy valves can come with or without an adapter. The regular ones are disposable and must be thrown away, bags and all. The recommended length of use is about two weeks, but if it starts to emit an odd odor, replace it right away. On the other hand, the easy valves with an adapter can be cleaned and reuse. It is easy to learn how to replace a Volcano vaporizer bag. You just have to be careful so that the bag is fitted straight and will not fall over when you fill it.

First, measure and cut your new bag around 50-60 centimeters in length. Tie one end of the bag and attach the other end to the balloon valve. Then, slip on the fixation ring or rubber o-ring about three centimeters from the edge of the bag. Since the vaporizer bag is wider than the valve, you have to fold and then gather for a snug fit. It may take a few tries to perfect the steps on how to replace a Volcano vaporizer bag, but you will eventually get there.


Reassembling Your Volcano Organizer

Once all the parts are clean, it is time to reassemble your Volcano. Replace the filling chamber in the housing and turn it over. The metal clips should go next to the pillars. Make sure that the flat lip is snug on the outside edge. Finally, reset the screen and put it inside, followed by the capped cylinder. Remember the steps on how to clean Volcano vaporizer and you can assure yourself of an enjoyable vaping session every time.

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