How to Fix the Leakage from Your Vape Tank

Whether you are a first-time or an experienced vaper, chances are you’ve had at least a few cases of vape leaks at some point. No user likes the frustration caused by a leaking vape tank, whether it’s a single drop or a whole tank full of valuable e-liquid. When a leak occurs, do a quick clean-up and then get on with your day.

While the occasional drop of e-juice is normal, if your tank is frequently leaking e-juice, this article will provide some tips that could assist you in repairing your leaky vape tank.


How to Tell if Your Vape Tank is Leaking

Realizing that you have a leaky vape tank might not be accessible if the leakage occurs when your vape is in storage. A leaky vape tank might occasionally leak only a few drops now and then, which go unnoticed until there is a huge mess. However, a steady leak will leave e-liquid all over your hands, in which case it becomes hard to miss. Eventually, knowing your vape’s condition can help you avoid or prepare for any potential leaks.


What Could Be the Reason for a Leaky Vape Tank?

A leaking tank frequently results from human error and is fixable with a minor change in your vaping regimen. However, a device flaw could cause your vape tank to leak, necessitating replacing a component or perhaps purchasing a new volcano glass bong altogether. Whatever the reason for a leaky vape tank, maybe, once you’ve identified it, you’ll be close to addressing it for good.

Tips to Resolving a Leaky Tank

1.   Refill Your Vape Tank Correctly

Although it may appear like filling a vape tank is a simple process, one needs to follow a specific procedure. Most leaky vape tanks are a result of an easy-to-make error that occurs during the filling phase. All vape tanks include a central tube that rises upwards from the atomizer coil to the gadget’s mouthpiece. E-liquid can occasionally spill into this central tube when refilling your tank, a catalyst for a leaking or gurgling tank. Changing the way you fill your tank will significantly help you avoid spilling e-liquid in this tube and, as a result, prevent a lot of leaks.


2.   Don’t Fill Your Tank to The Brim.

Sometimes it’s tempting to load your vape tank to the brim, particularly if you want to increase the amount of time you can vape between refills. However, pouring too much e-liquid in the vape tank might lead to leaks, and you’ll waste precious vape sessions cleaning up a mess. Instead, when filling the tank, stop before the e-juice level reaches the brim. This small air gap will produce a vacuum within the tank, which will help enclose the e-juice and minimize leaks.



3. Fasten All Parts Together Firmly and Properly

A vape is a sophisticated device that requires its components appropriately integrated to work effectively and generate that delicious vapor you crave. If several parts of the vape are loose, the left gap can cause a leak. Gaps commonly exist where the coil joins the atomizer base, and the coil’s base joins the tank. Even a small gap in both these places is enough to cause a leak. The best part is that they are easy to close to prevent leakage.

Take your time when refastening the head of the atomizer to the base. Inspect your coil head as a precaution because unmounting the tank could loosen the connection. Additionally, don’t hasten the process of reinstalling the base on to the tank.


4.   Don’t Over Tighten When Reassembling.

When you think that loosely connected parts are the leading cause of leaks, tightening them as much as possible may seem like the right approach. However, over screwing can result in the leaks you’re aiming to prevent and damage vape components. A set of tiny rubber rings exist close to the threading that links the pieces of your tank. They are known as o-rings, and they perform the vital function of ensuring an airtight seal.

However, if you use excessive force to fasten the tank components, you risk destroying them. Even the slightest split or crack in an o-ring allows e-juice to escape, and you’ll find yourself with a pocket full of e-juice without notice. The goal is to strike a balance between too tight and too loose.


5.   Store Your Device in an Upright Position



When you’re not vaping, leave your tank in an upright position. While vertical storage is most crucial when the vape tank is half full, it’s always wise to make smart storage a routine. Avoid leaving your vape tanks in a horizontal position for extended periods. If you leave them lying on the side, the vape liquid is more likely to drip out through the airflow holes of your gadget.


Manufacturers are becoming more aware of these issues. As anti-leaking measures become increasingly common, we may be looking at a new future of vaping. If technology advances at its current rate, challenges like these may become obsolete soon.

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