How To Make The Most Of Your Vaping Experience


Since its public breakout, vaping has remained a viral trend among young and old for the potent experience it provides. Nowadays, it has reached a point where you can finely regulate the amount of nicotine, vapor, and flavor you consume, allowing users to achieve their ideal experience. 

What’s that like? That depends on the person vaping. The experience will vary for every individual and depends on various factors, such as your vaping device, e-liquid, maintenance, and the techniques you use.  

If you switched to vaping as an alternative to smoking or just to join the crowd, it’s crucial to know how to maximize your vaping sessions. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your vaping experience:  

  • Invest In Superior-Quality E-Liquids  

The e-liquid or vape juice you’ll use contributes to your vaping experience. 

It’s the key component to the vapor you’ll be inhaling. Today, you can find a good selection of the best fume flavors to choose from for your specific taste. But their actual impact still depends on the quality of the e-liquid. Prioritize that over just the flavor and nicotine level.  

Some may settle for low-priced e-liquids, but these usually contain impurities that can be detrimental to your health in the long run. Choosing high-quality e-liquids from reliable producers is risk-free and guarantees the best vaping experience.

  • Keep Up The Routine Maintenance 

One way to ensure you’ll always have the best vaping experience is to keep your vape pen in good condition. Forgetting this can easily shorten its lifespan and make it harder to get the right puffs.  

Clean the tank and coil of your vaping device to remove undesirable flavors or odors. Make sure you remove any leftover e-liquid within the tank, as it can affect the flavor during your next session. Keeping it in will cause the flavors to mix, resulting in a foul-tasting concoction. which is why a  Best Ecig Starter Kit is a good idea when thinking about maintenance.

  • Know The PG/VG Ratios 

The two main components in e-liquids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). These are combined in different ratios to create specific flavor intensities and vapor thickness.  

An e-liquid with a high VG ratio provides thick vapor clouds and is safe for individuals with allergies. The reason is that it can provide a naturally sweet flavor without delivering a throat hit. Meanwhile, an e-liquid with high PG produces small clouds, yet a deep throat hit. Knowing which ratios produce which effects will make it easier to find the right e-liquid formulation for you.


  • Store And Prepare E-Liquids Properly 

E-liquids require proper storage and preparation to maintain their qualities and last longer. So, carefully following the recommended storage and preparation is important. 

Although every manufacturer has specific instructions on e-liquid care, there are general guidelines you should be familiar with. One of them is to store e-liquids away from direct exposure to the sun. The reason for this is to preserve the nicotine levels and prevent the e-liquid from deteriorating. Also, keep all vape juice containers securely closed to prevent a drop in the flavor’s quality.  

  • Practice The Proper Way To Inhale 

In vaping, two techniques are used: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). Each one suits a particular combination of coils and nicotine levels.  

DTL is a straightforward process in which the vapor is drawn straight into the lungs and exhaled. It works best for large vapes equipped with low-resistance coils and e-liquids with low nicotine content. The technique is capable of delivering an easy and smooth hit.  

Meanwhile, MTL involves inhaling and holding the vapor in the mouth. This lets it move into the lungs upon exhaling. The process mimics the feeling of smoking with a potent hit, and it works best with high-resistance coils and e-liquids with large nicotine content.

  • Inspect The Batteries Regularly 

Your vaping device is powered by batteries. Regularly inspecting the batteries is the key to prolonging your device’s lifespan. Constant use of e-liquids will eventually sap the battery connection, resulting in poor performance over time while shortening your vaping device’s lifespan.

To prevent this, keep the battery connection free from any gunk buildup. Remove the battery and wipe away the gunk using tissue. After cleaning, fix the battery back into the device and use it as usual.

  • Minimize Your Risk Of Developing Vaper’s Tongue 

Vaper’s tongue usually develops among those who vape a lot. It happens if you vape one flavor repeatedly, leading to a loss of taste as you get used to it. Generally, the condition may last for a few days. Luckily, it only affects vape flavors, not any other substances you take through your mouth such as food.  

You can prevent the condition by switching to a different flavor now and then. Additionally, you should maintain proper hydration and take regular breaks.

Final Thoughts 

Several factors can affect your vaping experience, such as maintenance, e-liquid, and technique. Knowing these valuable pointers will help you maintain the hits you want from every session. Take a look at what your vaping device looks like and start putting them to work.

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