How to perfectly grind and roll your Marijuana- Step by step guide


Start with knowing about Marijuana.

Marijuana is hemp plants’ dried flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems (hemp is also known as cannabis Sativa). Consuming Marijuana affects your brain, and its chemical alters your mind. These extracts from the plant in the form of seeds, stems, leaves, or flowers are especially in demand for the after-effects of consumption. It is the third most popular psychoactive product after alcohol and tobacco. Since it is organic, it has far more medicinal benefits than the other two products.


How to use Marijuana?

There are different ways in which marijuana users consume it for medicinal and recreational benefits. Hundreds of medical uses are popping up every day that require Marijuana help. Experts and researchers are conducting studies and experiments on finding out the different uses of Marijuana and trying to bring it into mainstream drugs. Although after legalization, the use of Marijuana has increased a lot, and the market has openly spread. It is the medicinal benefits of Marijuana that have made it a billion-dollar economy today. Still, there are some states where it is considered an asset, and you need a prescription to consume Marijuana medically. Recreational Marijuana is not legal, but the government understands the use of Marijuana. 

The best way to use Marijuana, as suggested by experts, is by making a joint out of it and taking a whiff of your favorite strain. To do this, you have to take the dried leaves or the flowers of Marijuana. Keep in mind the leaves of flowers of whichever strain you’re using should be adequately dried. There should not be any content of moisture present in them. Only when the moisture has been completely removed the Marijuana leaves or the flowers are suitable for use.

After taking Marijuana leaves or flowers that are dry in nature, The next important step in making a joint is crushing or grinding the leaves properly. Lauren from says there are many ways in which leaves or flowers can be ground. The traditional way of grinding the Marijuana leaves or flowers is to do it by hand. Many people still prefer this method. But since it is time-consuming and troublesome and creates a lot of mess around, most users are switching towards other methods like the Automatic grinding machine. 


Why is proper grinding necessary?

Only if the leaves are crushed and milled the essence and oil of the leaves properly will be released. It is noticed that when the leaves are crushed with hands, They often are unevenly crushed. So the dry leaves are not found even, and all of their essences are not appropriately released on burning them. When they are not evenly crushed, burning the joint made of dry leaves will not warm up evenly, and therefore, some will start burning. When burnt and not warmed up properly, the essence of Marijuana present in them is lost. Instead of getting the medicinal benefits, you adjust by getting burnt fumes from the unevenly crushed leaves.

On the other hand, when these leaves are evenly cut and appropriately ground, they can easily be folded into a joint. When the joint is being smoked, you can easily feel the difference between machine-ground Marijuana leaves that are evenly milled and hand-crushed Marijuana leaves. The one that has been ground using a machine will give you a slow and steady burn where evenly every joint particle is warmed up. When the bombing of Marijuana leaves takes place evenly, all the essence and medicinal benefits are appropriately released, and you can enjoy the smoke while getting all the benefits as well. 


Most suggested grinding machine-

Many brands introduced in the market can automatically mill the Marijuana leaves of flowers and give you a pulverized version of those leaves. But whenever you buy a machine like that, you also have to keep in mind that all automatic machines are not giving you an excellent final product. They might present you with a powdered version but 800 when then the essence of the leaves is lost. You should check for AI-powered automatic machines that can cut one at a time to retain all the kief, oils, and their structure. And when you make a joint, you have the best-grounded Marijuana for use. One of the Rising AI-powered machines is Banana Bros OTTO Grinder. The beneficial and satisfactory output you receive from this machine makes it one of the most in-demand machines.


Rolling is important too-

As crucial in grinding the leaves and flowers, rolling them properly is of equal importance. The traditional method of rolling the Marijuana with hands is followed by some people even today, but it can be very messy to work around. People are shifting towards auto machines that can make these joints for you in no time. Good quality rolling papers are a must if you want to have a good experience. Some automatic grinding machines like the  Banana Bros OTTO Grinder makes this work easier for you. You can manage the mess due to unwanted spills with such machines. Once you have your joint rolled, it’s time for rock and roll. Enjoy your time !!


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