How To Reduce Cannabis Smell

While cannabis smell can be nice to some people, not everyone has the same opinion on it.

In fact, cannabis is still not legal in every country in the world.

I am fortunate enough to live in Canada, where the marijuana plant is now legal to use freely. Canadians can buy weed online without feeling like they did anything wrong at all.

Being born in Malaysia, I know that having access to cannabis is a serious crime in the country and can lead to jail time and even death!

You really have to be careful where you live and make sure you know the laws surrounding cannabis.

So, you came across this article because you wanted to know more about how to reduce cannabis smell.

This will be useful for many reasons. Here are just some of the ways to do just that.


Use an air purifier

By using an air purifier, it will reduce the strong smells of pretty much anything. While it won’t remove it completely, it will reduce it by a considerable amount.

People use it for a variety of reasons. Some people want to refresh their old air with new air, others may want to reduce health issues from bad indoor air. Opening your windows is also a good way to clear your air for ventilation.

Just keep in mind that air purifier cannot completely remove all cannabis particles. When it sits on surfaces such as your furniture and carpet, it makes it hard to remove them unless you really go in and use something to wipe it off.

This is especially true for products that you buy from popular mail order weed stores. When cannabis is higher quality, it will be more potent.

As a result, they will have a more intense smell that just makes you want to get high off it right away. 

I know when I smell some nice cannabis, it just makes me want to try it for myself.


Carbon filters

These kinds of filters can help remove the smell from the air and neutralize it. They do this activating carbon with special properties to get rid of unwanted materials in the air.


Odor eliminators

Certain sprays can help you remove unwanted smells. Don’t use this near your cannabis plants though! It may indirectly hurt it.

There are many kinds of odor eliminators for sale in the market. There are kinds to reduce smell in the air, pet odor, car smell, laundry smell, and more.


What Smelling Cannabis Tells You

You may be surprised at some of the things you can find out by simply smelling cannabis.

First, you can find out how fresh the cannabis products are. If it does not smell potent, it could be close to expiry and not suitable for a high bud grade quality.

If it smells a little damp, this is an indicator that it has a higher chance to grow mould. Store your cannabis in a suitable location for maximum freshness.

As a Canadian, I like to google the best online dispensary canada 2020 to look at my options. In this way, I can browse the top sites to see which store has the best deal and customer service.

This method has worked well for me so far and I have really been getting weed that gets me real high. Obviously, you can also do this method no matter which country you live in.

If you live in the UK for example, you can search the best online dispensary UK 2020.

Smoking Habits To Adopt

If you like smoking cannabis, there are some etiquette that you should know about. Not everyone has the same interest in smoking cannabis and we should respect everyone’s boundaries. 

Before lighting up for a smoke, take a look around you. Are there kids around? Are there older people around?

Move to an area with less people to be considerate of others.

If you are hanging out friends, it would also be nice to ask your peers if it is okay to smoke. Maybe not everyone is comfortable for you to do it near them?

Usually, vaping is a better option as it smells less and does not give off secondhand smoke that most people do not like.


Now that you have learned a thing or two on how to reduce cannabis smell, you can go out to put these into good use.

If there is only one thing to absolutely take away from the article, it is that all things smell and not everyone will like the smell of everything.

It is just life that everyone has different preferences.

When we are all mindful of others and not shove the cannabis smell in the face of others, then it is just better for everyone!


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