Idaho Marijuana Activists Launch Limited Legalization Campaign For 2022 Ballot

Marijuana Moment reports

Idaho activists have filed a new measure to legalize marijuana possession for adults that they hope to place before voters on the 2022 ballot.

Meanwhile, a separate campaign to legalize medical cannabis in the state is also underway, with advocates actively collecting signatures to qualify that measure.

Activists turned in the requisite 20 signatures needed to initiate the ballot process for the new limited recreational legalization proposal on Thursday. It would make it so possession of up to three ounces of marijuana would be lawful on private property for adults 21 and older.

Possession outside of a private residence would generally remain criminalized, though the measure specifies that “transporting a personal amount of marijuana from a jurisdiction where the marijuana was legally purchased” would be legal. That’s crucial because while there would be no place in Idaho that adults could legally purchase cannabis, they would be able to travel to dispensaries in neighboring states such as Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and bring marijuana back home with them.

For both this measure and the separate medical cannabis legalization initiative, activists have until May 1, 2022 to collect about 65,000 valid signatures from registered voters to make the ballot.

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Idaho Marijuana Activists Launch Limited Legalization Campaign For 2022 Ballot

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