If The Russians Don’t Invade … Ukraine could legalize medicinal cannabis in 2022

Then again if the Russians do invade we image demand for cannabis will skyrocket

Hanf reports

“The government’s draft law on the legalization of medicinal cannabis has already been published for discussion. (…) This document will be registered. It will go to our committee. I hope that the members of the committee will support it,” said Mykhailo Radutskyi, in an interview with the multimedia platform Ukrinform. He is a deputy of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction and a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Public Health, Medical Aid and Medical Insurance.

During the interview, Mykhailo pointed out that the government bill differs from a draft law previously proposed by the committee members and sent for revision, in particular in that the Ukrainian National Police’s control over the circulation of cannabis would be strengthened. In addition, the wording of the document initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers defines medical cannabis much more clearly. Likewise, the options for importing it would be defined more clearly. If the legislation were passed, around two million people in Ukraine would now have the opportunity to use medical cannabis for their diseases, the politician stressed.

Contrary to many rumors circulating in the country, neither the law submitted for revision nor the new government’s draft law is an attempt to legalize drugs, according to Radutskyi. Apparently there are fears in this regard among opponents and in the population. But not a single word of this was mentioned in the drafts. Only medical cannabis is part of the content of the legislative proposals. For this reason too, he hopes that the proposal will be accepted by the Verkhovna Rada in 2020.

Ukraine has a long history with hemp. The former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was one of the largest hemp producers. Even before 1950, 150,000 hectares of land were intended for the cultivation of the versatile plants. But its use as an intoxicant was not particularly widespread there. Rather, the plants were used for the production of raw materials such as oil and fibers.

Source:  https://www.hanf-magazin.com/politik/international/ukraine-koennte-2022-medizinalhanf-legalisieren/?mc_cid=f1f8025e4d

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