Illinois: Good To See Patterns Don’t Change !

WGN9 News reports on the sales they didn’t expect ( yes where have you heard this befire)

Illinois announces nearly $11 million worth of recreational cannabis sold in first 5 days

CHICAGO — The state announced Monday that $10,830,667 worth of recreational cannabis has been sold during the first five days.

Dispensaries reported long lines the first day of sales and they continued through the weekend.

After an opening day that hauled in $3,176,256.71, sales have stayed above $1,000,000 per day.

Dispensaries across the state rendered 271,169 transactions over the five-day period, an average of nearly $40 per transaction.

By comparison, neighboring Michigan, which made recreational marijuana legal starting Dec. 1, generated $3.1 million in the first two weeks of sales. First-day sales in Colorado, the first state to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, were over $1 million on Jan. 1, 2014.

Illinois announces nearly $11 million worth of recreational cannabis sold in first 5 days


Some dispensaries even took a day off because they’d been so busy or in one case burgled already!

NBC Chicago reports

At Windy City Cannabis, doors were closed on various days at the Posen, Justice and Worth locations for “on-site updates.” The Posen location was set to close Tuesday, Justice will be closed on Thursday and Worth will be closed on Jan. 14, the company announced.

Details on when those locations will reopen remained unclear. The dispensary had earlier acknowledged that cannabis flower was “extremely limited for recreational guests.”

MOCA Modern Cannabis in the Logan Square neighborhood was closed for recreational sales both Sunday and Monday but ultimately closed entirely Monday morning “due to technical difficulties.” ( they were robbed)

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Already stock is low and remember by law, Illinois dispensaries must reserve a 30-day supply of product for the state medical marijuana patients.


Merry Jane report

While Hedberg is correct that weed shortages were expected, the local media largely place blame on “high demand.” The “high demand” claim is accurate but incomplete. In reality, Illinois’s legalization bill, the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, didn’t give producers enough time to grow, process, test, and package enough product to meet the anticipated demand. In fact, weed shortages have now become standard as US states — and even the entire nation of Canada — roll-out regulated weed programs. 


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