Lots of webinars at very low prices on offer at the moment from the INCBA


4/20 Flash Sale!
50% Off The Cannabis Law Sessions

June 2, 2020 9am pst (Noon Eastern)
Six Hours of Online Interactive CLE Credit
Members $25/credit ($150 –> $75 total)
Non-Members $50/credit ($300 –> $150 total)

Join INCBA for our programming previously planned for New Orleans, which will now be presented in an online format.

Six hours of CLE Credit that includes topics related to:


  • Cannabis Taxation: Preparing Your Client for the IRS Audit Ramp-Up
  • Corporate Governance: Best Practices, High-Profile Failures, and Lessons Learned
  • Social Equity & Racial Justice: A Survey of Programs, Shortcomings, and Next Steps
  • Cannabis Laws & Science
  • Regulation of non-THC Cannabinoids
  • Ethics – Rule 1.2 – The Novel “Also Advise” Provision Relating to Federal Law
We have a great lineup planned for you, and we can’t wait to see you online!

Covid Briefing: Capital Markets and Deal Flow
Tomorrow, April 21
1 pm pst (4pm Eastern)

No CLE Credit – Free for Members

Join David Feldman of Hiller PC, and Christopher Davis of INCBA, for an informal discussion on what is going on with capital markets, deal flow, and liquidity in the Cannabis Industry.

The Cannabis industry is seeing dramatic reductions in capital markets and M&A activity. Come to hear about the shift from the historic M&A Market to the present activity – almost entirely public companies buying private ones. Financing activities are focused on raising debt for public companies, and the valuations and terms are getting more and more painful. For a more in depth look, join us Tuesday!

Webinar: Collections for Lawyers 
April 30, 9am pst

CLE Credit – Members Only – $25

Collections are never easy – even the best clients won’t stop by your office just to drop off payment for a job well done. But our ethics rules don’t allow us to outsource collections to third parties the way that we may advise our clients to do so, and many courts are currently closed. 

So, when we are all running up agains economic hardship, how do we ensure that we are able to keep our own doors open and collect for work already completed. 

We know that our membership has gotten used to seeing free webinars – and we love providing you with free information. But CLE applications and these online facilities do incur costs. We will continue providing members with free information through our briefings, but our programs for CLE credit will include a small charge going forward.

INCBA Requests Access for CARES Act Funds for Professional Services

And now, we need the help of our members and supporters to get this in the right hands. Contact your Congressional Representatives, submit this letter, or repurpose the portions that you want to allow us to speak with the loudest voice possible. We run the businesses that the CARES Act is supposed to save – so its time we speak up to make sure that we get the relief that Congress intended for small businesses like ours.

We’re speaking to Representative, Barbra Lee (CA-13) this Monday, April 20 because your fellow INCBA membership stepped up to make our voice heard in my home district.

Are you from another district? If you schedule a meeting with a representative, we are here to help.

We’re in this together, and we can make a difference if we speak with one voice.

What Else Is Happening

Covid Briefings: Now Available

Financial Management and Essential Services recordings are available to members. We will continue to bring you programming the is relevant in this novel time – if there is something that you want to see or present to the membership, contact us at info@canbar.org.

The Path to Cannabis Appellations:
Recording Available!

Access this amazing program now! Click through, only $15 for INCBA members (no CLE Credit offered).

Thank you to everyone for putting on a wonderful program!!