Indian Customs intercept Marijuana smuggled from US at Mumbai airport, three arrested

The Customs officials at Mumbai Airport have arrested three persons who were allegedly smuggling marijuana through dummy courier parcels from the US.

The Customs department got a tip-off that a courier package originating from the US was carrying narcotics drugs. After receiving the information watch was kept by the officers of Airport Special Cargo Commissionerate at the International Courier terminal.

“The package was intercepted and 910 gram of Marijuana originating in California was found concealed in an Air Purifier. Following the interception of first package, intelligence was developed and also with the help data analytics, Customs at International Courier Terminal of CSMI Airport in Mumbai intercepted three more parcels originating from the North America during April 22 to April 25,” said the official.

The official said that intensive search of the parcels led to recovery of high quality hydroponics marijuana weighing 27.478 kg which was hidden in various household items like Outdoor Waterfall, Fake wood Leather Chair, and Propane Gas Fire Pit table.

Such high quality marijuana of North American origin commands high price in excess of Rs 3,000 per gram in the local illicit markets. The seized narcotics are of Rs 8 crore.

The details of these detections and seizures were kept secret and surveillance was mounted by the Customs officers disguised as auto rickshaw drivers and delivery men. The process of ‘controlled delivery’ of dummy parcels of identical shapes and looks, so that the actual recipient could not deny his involvement, was also undertaken with the help of Police.

Sustained surveillance of targeted addresses were carried out by undercover Customs officers in the guise of auto drivers and delivery men so as to execute the operation in meticulous and flawless manner.

“During the dummy delivery, in one of the cases it was found that the person receiving the parcel was sending it to another address, where the residents would call another person to collect the package. The third person who came to collect the package was found to be the mastermind of the operation,” said the official.

During the course of search at his residence, another 20 kilograms of marijuana, 120 grams of hashish and some other narcotics substances which are being tested have been found.

Further investigation in the matter is on.

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