Indiana: Indiana State Police arrest man involved in crash that left 4 injured and find cocaine and marijuana on the driver’s person

Indiana State Police have arrested a man who was allegedly involved in a crash that left four people injured.

According to a press release, 24-year-old Joseph Means of New Palestine has been preliminarily charged with resisting law enforcement with a vehicle causing catastrophic injury, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury and possession of cocaine.

On Feb. 22, the driver of a gray Ford Mustang was spotted spinning his tires and sliding sideways out of a parking lot near 10th Street and Tibbs Avenue in Indianapolis. ISP reported that the Mustang then rapidly accelerated westbound on 10th Street.

State troopers indicated that they attempted to pull the driver of the Mustang over, activating their police lights. The driver disregarded the lights and continued to accelerate the Mustang.

ISP reported that troopers then activated their sirens — though the driver of the Mustang continued to ignore the police pursuing him.

Eventually, the chase took a turn southbound onto Holt Road. Per a release, the driver later failed to stop at a red light at the intersection of Holt Road and Michigan Street.

ISP reported that, at the intersection of Holt Road and Michigan Street, the driver crashed into a white Buick Enclave at a high rate of speed.

Police have indicated that the driver and passenger in the Buick and the driver and passenger in the Mustang all sustained serious injuries during the crash. All four individuals were rushed to local hospitals by medics.

Per ISP, the driver of the Buick is still hospitalized in “very critical condition.” The Buick’s passenger also sustained critical injuries and was hospitalized for several days.

After an investigation, state police determined that the Mustang was moving in excess of 100 mph when it struck the Buick. ISP indicated that there was no indication that the driver of the Mustang attempted to brake before crashing.

At the scene, state police located the cocaine and marijuana on the driver’s person. ISP later identified the driver as Means.

A search warrant to examine the Mustang was granted to state police. ISP found marijuana, Means’ ID and several cell phones in the vehicle.

Data recovery that will reveal further information about the crash is currently in progress, per state police.

A blood draw for impairment was obtained from Means at the hospital. He was hospitalized until Saturday because of the injuries he sustained in the crash, per ISP.

State police reported that Means was transported to the Marion County Jail after hospital personnel cleared him to leave.


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