Indianapolis police officer arrested for cannabis grow operation

An Indianapolis police officer is facing charges in connection with a marijuana grow operation, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced Wednesday.

Christina Slack, a 22-year-veteran of IMPD, is charged with possession of marijuana-growing or cultivating marijuana and possession of marijuana where a defendant knows it is growing on-premise and fails to destroy. IMPD said Slack will be suspended pending a recommendation of termination to the Civilian Police Merit Board.

The charges stem from an incident on Dec. 27 of 2021 when police were called to a home in the 2900 block of S. Pasadena Street for a domestic disturbance. Court documents state that Slack told police she was assaulted, and an officer noted that she showed signs of injury, including abrasions and swelling. Police arrested Slack’s boyfriend, 43-year-old Jamel Owens, who Slack claimed had been living in the residence for the last several months.

Owens was arrested on charges of domestic battery and battery that were later dismissed. As he was arrested, Owens yelled to check the back bedroom and that Slack had marijuana in the house, court documents show. When police checked the room, they found a marijuana grow operation with fans, LED lights, an air filtration system and a black tent that contained 18 marijuana plants in different stages of growth, per documents. Police said they also found suspected psychedelic mushrooms.


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