Integrated CBD Owners Use PPP Money & Investors Cash To Buy Private Jet Says Lawsuit

Hemp Industry Daily report… it’s becoming fairly predictable behaviour in the industry.

They write..

A CBD company in Arizona is accused of bilking investors of millions of dollars and getting an emergency pandemic-relief loan while the business owners used the money to buy a private jet and fund other lavish expenses.

Integrated CBD (ICBD) got as much as $350,000 earlier this year through the U.S. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help with payroll for 50 employees.

However, the company had laid off all of its employees months before, according to the lawsuit by investors filed in state court in Maricopa County.

@IntegratedCBD President and CEO participated in a panel discussing regulation, research and the 600+ studies being conducted around the world. (Source Twitter)

The lawsuit alleges the company leaders “ran ICBD into the ground” while investors’ money vanished “into each and all of the defendant’s coffers.”


Also from their Twitter their spruiking via MJ Bulls December last year


Full story.  


Investors accuse CBD executives of misspending millions, getting bogus PPP loan


The Integrated CBD website is gone

They forgot to dismantle their Linked In though

Looks Like Mr Dowd was wrong about that – read on and see what we mean

The Lawsuit


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