International cannabis prescribing service launches for travellers to the UK

The UK’s first international prescribing service has launched for medical cannabis patients travelling to the country from overseas.

Integro Clinics is the first UK clinic to expand its services worldwide, to address the challenges for patients travelling to the UK who need access to medicinal cannabis on prescription.

For patients who rely on medicinal cannabis, travelling abroad can come with a whole host of uncertainties.

The broad differences in law between countries and the risk of getting into difficulty at the airport, means it is often not possible to carry medication with you when travelling overseas.

Even when travelling from jurisdictions where medical cannabis is legal, a patient would not be allowed to bring their medication into the country without a UK prescription.

Then there are other factors to consider, such as stop-overs in countries with strict laws on cannabis possession, such as Dubai or Singapore, and aviation laws while in transit.

Not being able to bring their medication with them when they travel leaves many patients resorting to the illegal market for symptom relief once they arrive.

As medical cannabis becomes more widely available around the world, there is an increasing need for patients to be able to access the treatment locally, rather than having to place themselves at risk in an unfamiliar country.

Through the Integro International traveller service, patients from overseas can arrange a virtual consultation with a specialist doctor ahead of their trip so that their prescription can be processed in time for their arrival.

The process works the same as it would for a UK resident. After an initial consultation, the doctor will decide whether they feel it is appropriate to prescribe and if so, the prescription will be sent to the individuals’ hotel or temporary accommodation.

“Patients should be able to travel with their medication and if they cannot, we make sure that they can continue their medication whilst in the UK,” said Neil Smith, Board member of Integro Clinics.
“We’ve heard from many US travellers that they currently have to resort to black market cannabis in the UK. Being able to continue their medication is crucial for many patients. Imagine having to stop your blood pressure medication because the product is not on the market at your destination, or having to change your insulin—nobody would accept that, so why would we with medical cannabis?

It is not unheard of for travellers visiting the UK for longer periods to seek out a prescription, explains Pierre van Weperen, CEO of Grow Pharma who work closely with Integro, this new offering simply ensures that it is all arranged ahead of their arrival.

“The UK healthcare system constantly treats people from overseas, either in emergencies or during longer stays,” he adds.

“There is no law that says that you’re not a patient because you’re travelling. In essence you follow the same process as any UK patient would and we don’t make exceptions or cut corners. The process is seamless, reliable and safe.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign Up and Submit Documents

Before you travel, sign up with Integro International. Fill out our simple form and upload your medical documentation, including documents confirming your diagnosis and what medications you have already taken or have tried to manage your symptoms.

  1. Virtual Consultation

Schedule a virtual consultation with one of Integro’s specialist doctors in advance of your trip, so everything is lined-up for you before you arrive at the airport.

  1. Travel with Ease

Your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy for fulfilment, which will ensure your medicines are waiting for you at your chosen delivery address upon landing in the UK, be that a friend or family member’s home, hotel or B&B.

You can also choose to have your medication shipped on the day of your arrival, ensuring your package turns up the next day before 2pm at the location of your choice.

  1. Phone Support

Need assistance or have questions? The clinic and our pharmacy team are available from 9.30am-5pm.

  1. Simple Payment Process

To streamline the process, Integro handles all payments digitally, so you just need to present your unique code to the hotel upon arrival.


The service will be available for those travelling to the UK for Cannabis Europa from 25-25 June, 2024. Find out more here

International cannabis prescribing service launches for travellers to the UK

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