I first met Bob Hoban a decade ago when our two law firms began the uncertain journey into providing legal services to cannabis clients entering Colorado’s great marijuana social experiment. Who could have foreseen the explosion of a true international cannabis industry back then? Bob Hoban did.

I admired Bob for his aggressiveness and intellectual prowess as he turned Hoban Law Group into a well-known and sought after international legal powerhouse. As a former foot soldier for the DEA in my country’s failed War on Drugs, I took notice when Bob sued the DEA and brought hemp front and center onto the world stage.

Bob and I joined forces earlier this year to form Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS.Global), an international cannabis strategy company. It’s an honor and a privilege to now be a part of the HLG empire. GPS quickly became a leader in helping clients navigate the global cannabis market through its proven track record of creating a vision, strategy, context, and results for its US and International clients.

I continue to speak around the world on the failures of US drug control policies and how GPS can successfully navigate the massively complex American and global cannabis landscapes. I often share with my audiences how I began my career in the cannabis world 25 years ago as a young Marine Corps federal prosecutor handling some of the largest southern California dope busts, and then eventually commanding a DEA task force in Colorado before forming my own law firm Feldmann-Nagel.

When it comes to cannabis I have a tendency to gravitate towards that famous Ronald Reagan Russian proverb: Doveryai, no proveryai (доверять, но проверить ) Trust but Verify.  

I have witnessed first-hand real medicines being discovered and tested in hospitals and universities around the world with actual, positive, human clinical results. Hurting veterans are now finding legitimate relief for their PTSD from a plant that has been prescribed by doctors for over 3,000 years. I have watched HLG turn its CBD and hemp clients into profitable businesses and watched the next generation of tax revenues on a scale seen never before. Big cannabis earned my trust.

But we all know there are some real shady characters out there—that is the verify part. Canadian valuations built more on northern winds than actual revenues, and massive fund stocks that promise what we all know now they will not deliver. Penny stock predators and unregulated vape snake oil producers. The need to verify everything in this industry is a must and having an experienced legal team like HLG and the professional navigation services of GPS is the key to a successful and profitable future. 

I am privileged to be a part of the ever-growing hemp global supply chain and I look forward to the day when high % THC is regulated by common sense and formally removed from the DEA’s purview. 

Bob and I are honored to introduce Gateway Proven Strategies (GPS.Global. I look forward to becoming a greater part of Bob Hoban’s vision and his industry-leading global law firm.