Iowa: Polk County employee found in possession of almost 200 marijuana plants, court documents say

A Polk County Public Works employee is facing drug charges after police found her in possession of almost 200 marijuana plants.

Gail Stevenson, 57, of Des Moines, is charged with three counts of controlled substance violation and two counts of failure to affix a drug stamp, according to court documents.

On June 3, investigators found her to be in possession of 187 marijuana plants, 2,162 grams of marijuana, 1,591 grams of THC edibles and other THC products.

Alan Sullivan, 59, was also charged during the investigation at Stevenson’s home, located across the street from Grand View Christian High School.

Police say no drug stamp was affixed to any of the items.

Stevenson and Sullivan have since posted bail.

Meanwhile, Stevenson filed an order of protection on June 17 and a petition of domestic relief on June 6 against Sullivan. She alleges Sullivan threatened to kill her, physically assaulted her, locked her out of the basement and had the home raided due to his marijuana growing.

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