Ireland: Cannabis jellies introduce children to a ‘dangerous world’, judge warns

Cannabis jellies and vapes are made to appeal to young people and introduces them to a dangerous drug culture.

Judge Helen Boyle made that observation at Cork Circuit Criminal Court as she imposed an 18-month jail term on Cian Kirby on drug supply charges.

Garda Denis Coleman said Mr Kirby was caught with €20,000 worth of cocaine and €3,200 worth of cannabis-based jellies and vapes for sale or supply.

 Garda Coleman was on duty at Blarney Road, Cork, on May 25, 2021, when he observed a red Volkswagen Golf being driven around at “quite a speed”.

When Garda Coleman indicated for it to stop he spoke to those inside, including front-seat passenger Cian Kirby.

“There was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the car and a search was carried out. There were a number of containers of cannabis jellies found in the car.

“Mr Kirby exited the car, reached into his pants, and removed a package which he threw over a wall and then fled on foot. Following a 250-metre chase he was arrested and the package was retrieved.

“He was OK to deal with on the day and there was no difficulty with him. He made admissions,” Garda Coleman said.

Judge Boyle said that Mr Kirby had a good work history as a qualified chef.

But she jailed the 24-year-old for five years, suspending the last three and a half years of his sentence for a period of three years.

She said the accused had been actively involved in the sale and distribution of illegal drugs in Cork.

“Jellies and vapes are made to appeal to young people. The drugs culture is dangerous. You are introducing them to a dangerous world.”

 Defence senior counsel Jane Hyland said the accused became involved in this crime as a result of a drug debt. She said he began using cannabis at 16 and went on to cocaine use to cope with stress.

Ms Hyland said he spent five months in rehabilitation in 2021 and seven months in aftercare and is now totally free of drugs.


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