Ireland: The Sinaloa-Irish Cartel Connection Includes Son of “Kerry Political Figure”

Disturbing set of connections in this Weekend’s Sunday Post (Ireland)

The world’s most dangerous drug cartel has been trafficking huge shipments of cocaine into Dublin Port under the direction of Kerry men, secret police files have revealed.

Confidential intelligence files from Spanish police obtained exclusively by the Sunday World show the inner workings of the European branch of the Sinaloa cartel during the pandemic.

The documents show how the trafficking network was controlled by an Irish-Mexican citizen, called Morris O’Shea Salazar. The 33-year-old managed to rise to the top of the Sinaloa Cartel – despite being raised in Killorglin.

The Sunday World investigation can reveal how gardaí are aware of the huge scale of the cocaine operation and how drugs were smuggled into Ireland through Dublin port.

They also show how:

  • O’Shea Salazar lived a life of luxury in Barcelona with his glamorous girlfriend as he directed the multi-million euro drugs mob.
  • One of his lieutenants is a criminal (40s) whose father was a well-known political figure in Co Kerry.
  • Police forces believe the Sinaloa-Irish crew’s operation was ‘as lucrative’ as the Kinahans.

The crew, who answered directly to infamous Mexican narco Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s son, conspired to smuggle up to 6,000kg of the drug into Europe in just one year.

Averaging €80 per gram at street level, that amounts to a potential €480million.

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