Is cannabis oil legal in the UK?


At present, cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a well -known name. A few years back, the name was unknown to maximum people. However, the present scenario changed a lot. CBD oil is the oil derived from the cannabis plant. The CBD oil commonly used to treat pain, muscle pain, stiffness, depressed mood, and anxious mood. The side effects of the oil are sleepiness, dizziness, red eyes, dry mouth, and tiredness in the morning, etc. The ingredient of CBD contains a negligible amount of THC, reducing the chances of CBD users getting high.

Whether cannabis oil is legal in the UK or not is a controversial question. To answer this, we need to go through some information.


Although cannabis and CBD are different, the confusion is still there of whether cannabis oil is legal or not in the UK. CBD is legal in the UK until it follows the guidelines of the law, but cannabis oil is not. Cannabis oil possesses a distinct taste and usually consumed orally. Cannabis oil tincture can also consume orally. The cannabis oil tincture is sometimes confused with cannabis oil, although, both are different.


The main difference between oil and tincture is the formula of ingredients. Tinctures include other ingredients apart from cannabis oil. The medicinal cannabis program helps in getting cannabis oil with high THC only privately in the UK. The CBD cannabis oil, on the other hand, is available readily throughout the country and through online mode as a daily supplement. The cannabis oil and the CBD oil are two different kinds obtained from the cannabis plant.


The CBD oil is legal in the UK if it is derived from hemp, and it does not contain THC. According to some studies, specific forms of cannabis oil are available in British pharmacies that are sold for medical purposes. Still, there are legal as well as health arguments regarding the use and benefits of the same. Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant by the process of steam distillation. The oil that is of low-concentrate version and contains less than 0.05 % of THC, it is legal and available to buy in the UK. THC is a controlled substance by the misuse of drugs act 1971. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component responsible for the users to feel ‘high’.


There are instances where patients with epileptic seizures have been treated with cannabis, and the condition improved. Cannabis oil has been claimed to be beneficial for treating several ailments. The claims even pointed to treating the after-effects of chemotherapy, used for cancer that is still not clinically proven. According to the news in the grade 2018, the then home secretary of the UK, announced that the medicinal cannabis could be prescribed in England, Wales, and Scotland.


However, a cannabis product can be considered medicinal, only when it meets the requirements like

  • It has to be prepared from products that contain cannabis resin, cannabinol or cannabinol derivative, cannabis, etc.
  • It is a medicinal product or a preparation for the use of an ingredient of a medicinal product.

Closing thoughts: with unraveling the benefits of cannabis oil apart from the recreational usage and researching about it might enhance the process of legalizing the same in the UK very soon.


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