Isle of Man’s Plans To Prescribe Medical Cannabis Put On Hiatus

The usual forces conspire to put everything into stasis. Conservative GP’s and reading between the lines we’d suggest some pressure from Whitehall under the usual “it woz the pandemic wot did it”

The BBC reports

Focussing on dealing with the ongoing Covid pandemic has meant plans to allow doctors on the Isle of Man to prescribe medicinal cannabis have been paused.

Health Minister David Ashford said while it was “still on the agenda”, the health department was currently “stretched” by the impact of the virus.

Mr Ashford said there were currently “greater priorities” than introducing new cannabis legislation on the island.

Reticence by GPs to prescribe products was also a stumbling block, he added.

While a consultation in 2019 found strong public support for medicinal cannabis, Mr Ashford said only two of 19 GPs who responded to a recent consultation had indicated “a positive interest” in prescribing cannabis-based medicinal products.

There was no point in changing the law “if you don’t have people willing to prescribe the product”, he said.

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