Israeli startup Growor teams with Kolas Energy

Cannabis cultivators have been privy to the benefits of indoor and greenhouse agriculture tech for decades, controlling their growing environments through lighting, temperature, humidity, and other prime conditions. Not only is indoor farming a growing market that could reach a value of $24.8 billion by 2026, according to a new MarketsandMarkets report, it is also very likely the future of agriculture.

In the cannabis industry, even as legalization continues to gain pace around the world, indoor growing continues to be the preferred method for cannabis farmers.

Earlier this year, a partnership between an Israeli agtech firm and a Sacramento-based cannabis company suggested that indoor farming could, in fact, be the very best thing for growing cannabis. Israeli startup Growor, a startup that develops high-tech growing solutions for indoor cultivation, teamed up with Kolas Energy, a division of cannabis firm Kolas, to develop sustainable and efficient means to cultivate cannabis, hemp, and other plants.

Founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur Daniel Levin, who brought in photosynthesis expert Michael Naich, PhD, as CTO and chief scientist, Growor first developed lighting solutions based on light spectrum absorption and the development of unique light wave protocols for every phase of a plant’s growth.

The company also provides other solutions for indoor and greenhouse farming with tech that allows for the manipulation of the entire growing process, leading to increased production yield, enhanced fruit quality, improved health, and repeatability with every cycle.

Levin calls it the “revolution of a new kind of agritech.”

“People are starting to realize that all the old traditional approach to agritech is good, but it becomes too dependent on nature, which cannot be controlled and should not be controlled.  They’re looking for solutions. So we are actually the solution,” Levin tells NoCamels.

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