Italian Military Halts Production Of Medical Cannabis Production Piling Pressure On Supply Chain

TALY’s military, which remains the sole producer of medical cannabis in the country, has halted production at its Florence facility amid a ‘chronic shortage of personnel’.

The stoppage threatens to further disrupt access to medical cannabis for Italy’s estimated 50,000 patients, and pile further pressure on an already severely under-equipped supply chain.

It comes just months after the military announced its ambitions to achieve triple-digit growth in medical cannabis production this year to 700 kg, marking what it described as the first step towards achieving self-sufficiency in Italy.

However, with the expected three-month gap in production, journalist Fabrizio Dentini believes this means the ‘Italian military will not even be able to produce 100 kg during 2023

Production halted

On April 13, during a public event organised by the Medical Cannabis Patients Association in Bologna, suggestions that medical cannabis production at the facility could be under threat were confirmed.

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