Italy: Hairdresser throws drugs outside the shop, but is arrested

A 46-year-old Moroccan employee of a beauty salon was arrested by the police in Conegliano. Targeted territorial control services were carried out in the city on Friday, prepared by the Treviso questore. The police officers of the police station, with the help of the crime prevention department and the Padua dog unit, carried out various checkpoints and checks at some public establishments.

The North African, seeing the policemen, ran to the bathroom and threw two pieces of hashish weighing about 120 grams outside the shop where he worked. Further doses of drugs were found following the search of the house.

In recent days, a patrol car checked a thirty-year-old Italian resident of Motta di Livenza in front of the station, in possession of an ecstasy tablet and a butterfly knife with a 9-centimeter blade. The young man was reported for possession of objects capable of offending and reported as a drug user.

Hairdresser throws drugs outside the shop, but is arrested

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