It’s Started: Rogen & Evan Goldberg About To Rake In The Dollars With Cali & Then National Push Of Houseplant Brand

We’ve noticed the let’s move up a notch PR push start today. Houseplant is available in Canada & CA and will we imagine go national at a pretty rapid rate

They spoke to Fast and this is what we know so far

The company’s weed products will initially only be available direct-to-consumer in California, through the brand’s website. However, its House Goods line of products—including tabletop lighters and ashtray designs—may be its secret weapon in brand building.

“House Goods is our path to be able to build a relationship with people nationwide right from the start,” says CEO and co-founder Michael Mohr. “The legal patchwork from state to state and federally makes it very challenging to scale a cannabis business in the U.S. right away.”

Just like its two Hollywood cofounders, Houseplant got its start north of the border, launching in Canada in 2019 as a subsidiary brand of Canopy Growth, with cannabis products that include dried flowers, prerolled joints, soft-gel capsules, and two flavors of carbonated drinks. As of today, out of necessity, the brand is maintaining separate social media for Canada and the United States.

Both Rogen and Goldberg are closely involved with every aspect of the company, having worked on its development for the past eight years. Their aim for Houseplant is to create a brand that gives the same respect, passion, and attention to detail that they’ve long seen afforded to just about everything else in our homes. “Our strategy has always been the same, and that is to treat cannabis like the product that it is—which is the best product,” says Rogen, via Zoom. “In a world where things like headphones get incredible attention to detail, in terms of how they’re designed, presented, and marketed, we think weed is a thousand times better than headphones. Why is weed not getting that amount of attention?”

And so on and so forth.

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