Jamaican Research Scientist & Founder of Medicanja Limited To Present At Harvard’s Global Health Catalyst Summit To Discuss His Research Findings On Cannabis & Cancer.

Loop Jamaica reports…

Jamaican cancer research scientist, Dr. Henry Lowe will be heading to the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts this weekend to participate in the 2017 Global Health Catalyst Summit to discuss his research findings on Cannabis and cancer.

Lowe will also participate in the innovative partnerships/collaborations in curbing the growing global burden of non-communicable diseases like cancer.

The Global Health Catalyst (GHC) summit at Harvard is a premier yearly event designed to catalyze high impact international collaborations to eliminate global health disparities, with main focus on cancer.

Dr. Lowe, who in 2013 founded Jamaica’s first medical cannabis company, Medicanja Limited, is recognized globally for his research on the potential for plant-based compounds to treat a range of chronic diseases, particularly cancer.

Dr. Lowe said, “I was very pleased but humbled to realize that my scientific research work is being so highly recognized internationally at this time. It therefore inspires me to continue my research despite the many obstacles encountered from time to time. Drug research and development not only requires specialized skills and hard work, but also financial support which is hard to realize”.

In the past years, the summit has accelerated collaborations to establish or support many cancer centers and healthcare institutions in different African countries, launched education and training efforts to build human capacity needed to strengthen the healthcare systems, and established new research collaborations, along with disease prevention and advocacy programs. Dr. Lowe has, for over 50 years, been at the forefront of numerous scientific research discoveries, the most recent being a breakthrough in the treatment of Hepatitis C using 1 Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the Ganja plant.


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Medicanja Limited was established in December 2013 by Dr. Henry Lowe to chart the way forward in the development of a medical marijuana industry in Jamaica. Cannabis, known locally as ganja, has long been regarded as a plant with outstanding medicinal properties.

Research has shown that marijuana is capable of providing treatment and management for a range of illnesses including but not limited to cancer, nausea, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, vomiting, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, poor appetite and eczema.

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