Jushi Holdings Inc. Issues Statement on Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 9, 2022 – Jushi Holdings Inc. (“Jushi” or the “Company”) (CSE: JUSH) (OTCMKTS: JUSHF), a vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis operator, issued a statement on the gubernatorial race in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Commenting on the recent election, Jim Cacioppo, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder of Jushi said:

On behalf of Jushi, I would like to extend our congratulations to Josh Shapiro on his election victory. 

As the Commonwealth’s next executive, we look forward to working with Governor-elect Shapiro as he pursues his vision for cannabis-related policy reform.  Like Mr. Shapiro and the vast majority of Pennsylvanians, we believe addressing harms and inequities associated with prohibition is long overdue.  This effort necessarily includes expunging records for Pennsylvanians with non-violent, low-level cannabis possession convictions as well as looking forward to a diverse, equitable, legal cannabis industry in the Commonwealth. 

In this respect, we are pleased that Governor-elect Shapiro stands with the nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvanians who support cannabis legalization and the significantly larger portion of his constituents who prefer a legal, regulated, and taxed cannabis market over the status quo.  A legal, regulated market for adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania will open the doors to economic growth, create thousands of mortgage-paying jobs, drive hundreds of millions in taxable infrastructure development and generate tens of millions in new tax dollars. 

So often when we discuss cannabis policy, we hear the phrase “it’s when, not if” we will see a broader legal cannabis market.  The Commonwealth’s citizens have spoken on the issue: every day of delay in adopting common sense cannabis reform is another day of lost tax revenue, illicit sales and potential danger to public health and safety.  This is why the team at Jushi is committed to advocating for sound policy to make safe, regulated and taxed cannabis available to Pennsylvanians and we look forward to seeing sound policy implemented under Governor-elect Shapiro’s Administration.

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