Karma Koala Mini-Bites: No.1 – Kevin Jacoby (OR) METRC’s New Batch Tagging Regime In Oregon (5 Minute Pod Update)

Welcome to the new short form formatted podcast that supplements my longer 30 minute one on one Karma Koala podcast conversations.

Koalas get tired quickly and need to snack so I have taken my lead from them and created this new 5 minute format where a current topic is covered quickly by a leading lawyer or professional in the cannabis industry.



In the first of many mini-bites to come I speak with Kevin Jacoby founder of Jacoby Law in Oregon about.

METRC’s New Batch Tagging Regime In Oregon




Kevin Jacoby is regarded statewide as the litigator who has repeatedly saved Oregon’s cannabis industry. Influential industry organizations recently lauded Kevin as an advocate because of his reputable business-protection record, such as drafting and winning the 2023 Aspergillus lawsuit against the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, which saved the businesses of many Oregon cannabis farmers. Kevin champions the revelation of public injustices and is relied upon by industry leaders and the community to accurately illuminate important policy issues through his opinion editorials. Oregon news outlets like Willamette Week and Portland Business Journal continuously turn to his legal expertise regarding administrative and legal developments as it relates to Oregon’s cannabis industry.

Kevin’s crisis management skills and vivid knowledge of Oregon law has impressed historically noted judicial figures during trial and on appeal, and has cemented him as the go-to-lawyer for businesses who are facing imminent harm by public or private actors. In 2023 he represented claimants to bank accounts that law enforcement had seized, containing over $60,000, and sought civil forfeiture. Kevin’s litigation strategy resulted in the release of all seized bank accounts by challenging both the evidentiary basis and the government’s legal theory for their seizure and awarding an additional $35,000 for attorney fees to the client. In 2019, Kevin successfully challenged OLCC’s efforts to ban cannabis vaping products that contained non-cannabis flavor additives, providing another win to Oregon’s cannabis industry at a crucial time.

Kevin strongly advocates for cannabis and Oregon’s community on all ends of the spectrum, from small farmers struggling to make ends meet to larger dispensaries and vertically integrated companies seeking to maintain their market share in a challenging regulatory environment. In addition to his legal work, Kevin is credited for long-standing client relationships and conducting authentic, transparent service on behalf of his clients with a proven track record of results. Born and raised in Bellingham, Washington, Kevin is a life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest and has lived and worked in Oregon for the last 22 years. Kevin credits these roots as fueling his dedication for defending the people of Oregon, his home, and ensuring that their rights are respected by state agencies and in the courtroom.

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