Karma Koala Podcast 111 May 20 2023. Paul Botto Co- Founder of Lucid Green “Data Solutions & Veracity In The US Cannabis Market”


This week Paul Botto, formally of Google Analytics and co-founder of Lucid Green talks to the Karma Koala podcast about their data solutions and smart QR code tech for cannabis brands and consumers and how that ties into rules, regs, compliance and all the good stuff we need to create a reliable chain of information for buyers and sellers of regulated cannabis products in legalized states throughout the US.

Here’s a little background about the company, Paul, and what they do


Lucid Green was founded in early 2018 by data veterans Paul Botto and Larry Levy with a singular mission of building a standard for trust and transparency in the cannabis ecosystem. Lucid Green’s platform provides retailers and distributors a complete touchless inventory management solution – increasing supply chain efficiencies and cost-savings; and brands a channel to connect directly with consumers.



Paul Botto


Previous roles include former Head of Analytics Sales and Consulting at Google, GM of Visible Measures Analytics, and Founding Member of Conduce supply chain data platform working with companies like DHL, Cisco, and PwC.


Paul’s song choices for the show are

Khruangbin Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

Nathaniel Rateliff The Night Sweats – I Need Never Get Old

Mandolin Orange – Wildfire



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