Karma Koala Podcast 132: Xavier Jaillet Clark Hill (Denver) Cannabis Beverages & The Law



This week we’ve got a topic that I think hasn’t really been discussed that much in terms of the law, Cannabis Beverages.

I dive in with Xavier and learn about this burgeoning aspect of the sector.

As we know the US loves it’s sodas, buzzy energy drinks and like everybody else on the planet a refreshing cold beer.

The US, and to a small extent Canada, are jurisdictions  eons ahead of the rest of the world in developing CBD and THC versions of the aforesaid and in that process learning how to regulate and manage these products.

We discuss these issues in detail.


Xavier Jaillet


Advised clients on myriad of matters including general regulatory compliance, market and business strategy, growth strategy, contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and more.

Drafted model federal cannabis beverage regulations.

Xavier is also a Board Member and Colorado Intermediate Director at the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce


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