Karma Koala Podcast 134: Jana Weltzin Founder & Principal Owner @ JDW Law Alaska – We Talk Alaska Legislation, Rules, Regs, Amendments & Forthcoming Tax Changes For Alaskan Producers & Consumers


This week we speak with Alsaka based cannabis lawyer Jana Weltzin.

About 65% of cannabis businesses in Alaska are clients of hers, she has only worked in cannabis law since she graduated, initially for the Rose Law group in Arizona until she decided to return home and forge her own path.

Industry watchers will know that since the initial rush a few years back we don’t really hear much from Alaska and that’s  because they created a fairly balanced, even bland, and some might argue a too cosy local industry.

In the podcast we discuss what’s worked and what changes were made to the initial legislation. They had the hemp derivatives conversation some time and acted ( some might agree, some might not) with their solution but act they did.

We also discuss how Alaska is now looking to fix some of the tax issues they have and provide ( from the state anyways) a fairer and simpler tax solution for growers and retailers.

If you didn’t know about Alaska before this podcast you will be the end of it.


Jana Weltzin was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Ms. Weltzin focuses her legal practice on land use and zoning law, medical marijuana law in Arizona and recreational marijuana business law and regulation compliance in Alaska. Ms. Weltzin provides representation for her cannabis clientele relating to business structure, permitting/licensing, land use applications and hearings, conditional use permits, investment connections and presentation, regulation compliance, real estate commercial leasing and purchases, operations, and general activism for the cannabis industry.

Ms. Weltzin played an invaluable role during the 2015 legislative session through her work with the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, initiative sponsors, and future Alaskan cannabis businesses advocating for and analyzing proposed cannabis related legislation to ensure sustainable success for the industry.

Ms. Weltzin is a regular contributor to Marijuana Venture Magazine’s legal section and other various publications.




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