Karma Koala Podcast 156: Gurvinder (Groovy) Singh CEO Bright Green Corporation. Federally licensed by the DEA manufacturer of plant-based drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the U.S.

In this episode I speak with Gurvinder (Groovy) Singh the CEO  of Bright Green Corporation.

Based in New Mexico the company says Groovy, is as far as he is aware, the only company federally licensed by the DEA as a manufacturer of plant-based drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the U.S.

I spoke with Groovy only the day prior to Biden’s big announcement

Biden Says He Is Going To Do – Really I Promise This Time ! ….. “This is Monumental”


Does the coveted license make his life any easier as the leader of a cannabis producing company?

Well in some respects yes and in some respects no.

As we all contemplate the move from 1 to 3 it appears that Bright Green and their very special license are a canary in this very cavernous coalmine and some of Groovy’s  insights about the  positives and the negatives on how the company is faring serve as a great lesson to all of us

We discuss amongst other things

  • Cannabis for Research
  • Cannabis & Govt Contracts (State & Federal)
  • Inter State Trade
  • Banking
  • Financing
  • International cannabis trade
  • Is Asia the future?

And much more

Gurvinder (Groovy) Singh

1998 to 2011 – Founding Partner/VP – Tcw Trends Inc – a Licensed design & Manufacture of Surf branded apparel for the high end retailers to big box retailers. Offices and Factories in 7 countries around world in 3 different continents.

2012 – 2018- Surf City Investment LLC,Founding Partner/Managing Director of Real Estate Investment and development company, focused on redevelopment in the Apartment and residential area’s in the affluent L.A neighborhoods.

2018 Present – GH Brands LLC, Founding Member/Business Entrepreneur, Cannabis based New Business development & Consulting, Brand Sales & Marketing, Brand Strategy Consulting

About Bright Green

A historical market creator and first mover, Bright Green Corporation (BGXX) is a pioneering company specializing in the research, production, distribution, and advancement of Schedule I and Schedule II* plant-based drugs and APIs, including psilocybin, psilocyn, peyote, and opium poppy. With a commitment to full compliance with local, state, and federal laws, underscored by deep expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, our goal is to contribute to elevating national security through domestic plant-based drug production, mitigate risks associated with zero production, and meet the demand for domestically produced plant-based medication and APIs.

As a public company, Bright Green is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for medical cannabis, a market which is projected to increase from $22.4 billion in 2020 to $87.4 billion globally in 2027.

We plan to sell cannabis and cannabis extracts to pharmaceutical companies and research institutions with a Schedule 1 license pursuant to our conditional approval from the DEA. Importantly, domestic sales of cannabis products will be made only via bona fide supply agreements with authorized DEA registrants, and not directly to consumers.

A DEA registration will allow us to sell cannabis to DEA-registered pharmaceutical companies to produce medicinal cannabis or cannabis preparations and export cannabis to researchers internationally who hold a license comparable to a U.S. Schedule 1.



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