Karma Koala Podcast 160: Avis Bulbulyan Chief Executive Officer of SIVA – The Birth, Life & Death of MedMen, “Squandered Opportunities”

Anybody who has followed the Californian and the US cannabis market will know the name MedMen.

This recently happened

MedMen is officially DeadMen.. Announces Entering Bankruptcy Proceedings and Resignation of CFO and Directors

I contacted Avis Bulbulyan Chief Executive Officer of SIVA,knowing his background in the Californian market and asked if he would be interested in enlightening me about the history of the company during the gold rush years of the Californian recreational cannabis market.

Adam Bierman (Left) Andrew Modlin (Right)


In the podcast Avis takes us through the early days, the meteoric rise and the company’s recent demise.

Licenses implied that weren’t? the retail kings?, marketing, financing and all the rest of it.

It’s a wild ride and Avis was there for all of it.

Listen to his insights about MedMen’s stratospheric rise, the accelerated exit of Bierman & Modlin , the new managers and their stewardship of an ever slowing heartbeat leading to this year’s final expiration.


Avis Bulbulyan is the Chief Executive Officer of SIVA, and oversees the corporate direction, business development and strategy at SIVA LLC. He facilitates company activity in consulting, alliances and channels, marketing, investments and operations. He leads a high caliber team that collectively provides clients with the highest level of support from idea to concept through execution.



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