Karma Koala Podcast Episode 145: Atiyyah Ferouz, Founder of CEO AgCann Consultancy Ltd & Executive Director of the International Cannabis Quality Standards Association (ICQSA)


In this episode I speak with Atiyyah Ferouz who has been instrumental in creating a new association, the ICQSA (International Cannabis Quality Standards Association) We speak about standards and what she hopes to achieve with the association and their publishing plans for 2024.

Atiyyah also works out of Thailand so it’s refreshing to get some thoughts on what’s happening in that country and Asia in general from somebody who is on the ground

At ICQSA, we are focused on the globalization of the cannabis supply chain. Our association contributes to this mission through the development of best practice guides and the advisement of policymakers in emerging markets.

At AgCann, our goal is to help cannabis producers bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. We utilize our expertise in operations, quality assurance, and tissue culture to help producers develop or optimize their processes.


The International Cannabis Quality Standards Association (ICQSA) brings together cannabis industry stakeholders from around the globe to develop standards that cater to the unique needs of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Our mission is to establish a framework of standards that will contribute to the globalization of cannabis.

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