Karma Koala Podcast Episode 66: This Week Chirali Patel of Blaze Responsibly,  Jason Harris Founder Jerome Baker Designs, Jared Kesselman Author of “The Business of Cannabis: A Blueprint to a High Income” & Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner  @ Canna Advisors



MONDAY FEB 28 2022


Chirali Patel  Blaze Responsibly

Chirali Patel

Chirali chooses as her song choice Medication by Damian Marley

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 Jason Harris the Owner & Founder Jerome Baker Designs

Jason Harris

Jason talks about his run in with the law. Feds seized everything/arrested Jason during Operation Pipe Dreams (same as Tommy Chong) —now he’s got it all back!


Jerome Baker Designs (JBD) has been a leader in the cannabis industry ever since 1991, when I founded the company in a dorm room while living in Eugene, Oregon. Cannabis enthusiasts have long recognized JBD for its “world famous bongs.” We’ve taken home some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, creating luxurious glass for well-known celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg and Tommy Chong.

Our glass has been a staple of the west coast since the nineties. We’ve done well over 20 million in revenue since inception–including $4 million in CBD since 2012. And now, after thirty years of creating the best glass in the game, we’ve now expanded into California’s adult use cannabis industry. I personally couldn’t be more excited.

Having been in the cannabis business for thirty years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting the original progenitors of some of the best known cannabis strains. My old friends and I have teamed up to provide California with epic quantities of only the very best flower.

Song: Jason goes for an oldie but a goodie by a classic American songwriter. Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot

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Jared Kesselman Author of “The Business of Cannabis: A Blueprint to a High Income”

A roaring green market lies ahead in the legal world of cannabis. Jared Kesselman, an insider who has spent his entire career in this field, reveals the business of cannabis in a frank and direct way that marks his mentoring style. His expertise from 20 years in the game covers every corner of the industry. He lays out the principles, strategies, experience, and wisdom, upon which you can build a successful cannabis kingdom. Jared ushers you inside his world of green with fascinating, instructive personal stories, and nuts-and-bolts business deals. Whether you choose to grow, manufacture, distribute, build a brand, or operate a dispensary, everything you need to win is right here. 

Jared Kesselman

He is also Director of Sales and Distribution @ True Classic OG

Jared opts for the Rocky anthem/theme song

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Name: Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner  @ Canna Advisors

Jay Czarkowski

Jay discusses competition + NY market outlook


Founding Partner of Canna Advisors, a leading cannabis consulting firm in Boulder, Colorado. Founding Partner of H2 Talent, a top-tier cannabis recruiting company, and Trailhead, LLC, that invests exclusively in cannabis companies.

Authority on real estate development and cultivation design, holding a commercial general contractor license since 2002. Working on multiple cannabis design projects throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, my focus is on highly automated, sustainable facilities with a niche in the greenhouse sector. Founder of one of the first dispensary and cultivation facilities in Colorado, Boulder Kind Care. Founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Lifetime Investor member of the ArcView Group, and sustaining member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and Americans for Safe Access (ASA).

Early 80’s classic choice by Jay……..Fight For Your Right To Party by The Beastie Boys

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