Karma Koala Podcast 107 – April 8 2023 Interview With Andrew Szafran, Team Lead at SM Services, A Cannabis Marketing Agency

This week Sean Hocking, editor at Cannabis Law Report and Karma Koala host,  speaks with Andrew Szafran, Team Lead at SM Services, A USA Cannabis Marketing Agency.




They write

SM Services is the perfect partner for your dispensary or cannabis/CBD brand. From SEO and display advertising to email and SMS marketing, we drive traffic to your website and through your store’s front door! Our greatest goal at SM Services is to make a significant impact on the sales, brand awareness, and digital traffic of our clients. We want to increase the value we provide to the cannabis industry by delivering exceptional services and digital marketing support that dominates not only the agency arena but also the consultant arena as well.  We’re experts in geo-targeting / display advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, short message service marketing, and web development solutions.


Andrew Szafran





The Music On This Week’s Show As Chosen By Andrew

Steely Dan – Dirty Work

ELO – Turn To Stone

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You


Note: Unfortunately Spotify has asked us to remove songs from the podcast – previously they had a set up that allowed one to use songs on Spotify but they appear to have changed the rules – Once again our apologies

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