Karma Koala Podcast No.45. This week Heather interviews Kimberly Stuck, Max Simon, George Mancheril & David Lluncor and Alexander Hymowitz

Karma Koala Podcast – Brought To You By Cannabis Law Report Episode 45

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This week Heather chats with 2 cannabis  industry insiders who have been around longer than CLR !

Max Simon of Green Flower has been working in the cannabis education space for as long as we can remember and he updates us on what the company are  currently doing around the country in terms of cannabis education both in the tertiary sector &  also at community colleges as well as within industry.

Next she speaks with  Kim Stuck  (Pictured) who is not just a forerunner, but the forerunner in the world of cannabis compliance.

She’s seen it all and watched the world of compliance grow from those early Denver days of.. “oh my god we’ve just passed legislation… now what?” to the multi billion $ industry with differing compliance requirements across every state in the US, never mind her overseas clients. The Library of Congress will have to, at some stage, download what’s in her head and add to the national archives !

Heather also speaks with

George Mancheril of Bespoke Financial, David Lluncor from SEV, Sweat Equity Ventures about the world of cannabis Fintech and investment

and…. last but not least Alexander Hymowitz from the New York School of Law who has set up, as far as we are aware, the first law school association for cannabis legal issues in the country and is working with free USA case law site AnyLaw.com to build a library of free access  cannabis law case summaries. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to join the party

As always we thank  all our interviewees for their valuable time

And of course, music. This week we feel in the mood for playing Beatles songs with the loosest of connections to the modern cannabis industry.

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