Karma Koala Podcast No.58. This week on the show, Steve Scheier, Donnell Alexander, Ronald N. Silberstein & Andrei McQuillan



This week our guests on the show  are 

Steve Scheier, Author

Steve Scheier  Bestselling Author & Speaker helps cutting-edge cannabis & hemp orgs discover how to use power to run their companies | Co-Author of Power Up: Essential Tools for Committed Cannabusiness Leaders


Cannabusiness Leaders, Want Power? Want to Keep Power? Read On. After all,
There are two kinds of people: those that feel powerful and those who struggle with power. No matter which one you are, reading this book will help you by providing leadership tools to cement your power, especially as you navigate the complex and perpetually shifting cannabusiness landscape.

Yet, power is a tricky subject. As Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter once said, “Power is America’s last dirty word. It is easier to talk about money—and much easier to talk about sex—than it is to talk about power. People who have it deny it; people who want it do not want to appear to hunger for it; and people who engage in its machinations do so secretly.”

To Kanter’s point, power is often seen as unseemly and uncouth. Except, of course, by those who have it. But the truth is, power is not an option. It must find a vessel: either you or someone else. To make sure you’re the person who seizes—and keeps your power, we offer Power Up.

Here is just a sampling of the book’s principles:

  • There Are No Small Breaches of Trust
  • Power Changes—Forever and Always
  • Power Doesn’t Come from a Title
  • Don’t Just Make Decisions, Spread Decision-Making
  • Don’t Just Give Feedback, Take It

Presenting both cautionary and inspirational stories, Power Up offers insights
to today’s cannabis and hemp operators so they can better understand power, improve their leadership, and achieve their goals.

Contact Steve at : SteveScheier.com


Next, the first of our regular chats in 2022 with sometime contributor to Cannabis Law Report, Donnell Alexander.

Donnell Alexander.


 Capital and Main

Donnell is a California-based writer and speaks to Heather about all issues cannabis and psychedelics in Cali with a keen focus on cultural issues in and around the sector.

We look forward to catching up with him regularly to check out what’s really happening in the world’s biggest cannabis market.

Donnell also talks about his new Social Equity Series release publishing January 24

Donnell selects for our listening pleasure  Citrus District by Myka Nine & Man of the Year by Schoolboy Cute


Heather then  hops on zoom to chat with

Ronald N. Silberstein Co-Founder, President, and CFO of Bud’s Place Franchising

Ronald N. Silberstein

Check out their website at  Bud’s Place Franchising





Finally Heather speaks with

Andrei McQuillan VP of Sales and Marketing at EcoGen BioSciences


Andrei discusses racial inequality and social equity in CBD and cannabis industries and how things can be improved and his thoughts

on best practices to do so

Andrei’s choice of song is  Ramen and OJ by Joyner, Lucas, Lil Baby

Find Andrei at  Linked In: Andrei McQuillan


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