Kenya: 3 Suspects Arrested With 298 Cocaine Stashed In Teddy Bears In Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya May 26 – Police have made multiple arrests and discoveries in Nairobi and Meru County, seizing 298 pellets of Cocaine.

Three suspects were apprehended with the drugs in Donholm, concealed within teddy bears.

The narcotics, valued at Sh27.5 million, were found alongside Sh37,000 in cash. The arrested individuals, Leon Ochieng (28), Ronald Onyango (25), and Sharon Debra Achieng (25), were taken into custody by a collaborative effort between the Anti-Narcotics Unit (ANU) and Operations Support Unit (OSU) of the DCI.
Upon inspecting the suspects’ residence, authorities discovered the illicit drugs carefully hidden within three teddy bears stored in a suitcase.

Additionally, the suitcase contained personal belongings and air tickets under Achieng’s name for various destinations.

DCI has issued a stern warning to drug traffickers, emphasizing the severe legal consequences they will face. Meanwhile, in Murunya, Meru County, law enforcement officers are actively pursuing Geoffrey Thiranira (29), a suspected violent robber and drug trafficker.

During a raid on Thiranira’s residence, a bale of marijuana and a loaded AK-47 rifle were found, although Thiranira managed to evade capture.

The DCI’s swift action, coupled with its commitment to eradicating drug-related crimes, highlights the agency’s dedication to maintaining law and order across the country.

As investigations continue, authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to apprehend individuals involved in criminal activities and ensure the safety and security of all citizens.


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