Kenyan Senator Calls For Legalised Cannabis Whilst On Lithuanian Junket

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina has called for the law to be amended to legalise cannabis use for medical purposes. Reports The Star(Kenya)

The senator shared a video on Tuesday in which he is in the middle of a farm, full of bhang while on tour in Lithuania. 

He says in the video….

Look At This Look At This ..

All This Is Weed… Damn… I’d Love To Live Here



Olekina who had been hosted said that Lithuania has legalised the drug and that Kenya should also amend its laws so that the drug can be used to reduce pain in cancer patients.

“Why is it that we in Kenya are still stuck with the old way of saying that this is an illegal drug…this is crazy…it really smells like weed, I might get out of here, high,” Olekina said.

 He continued, “If this is good to reduce the pain in cancer patients, why don’t you legalise it, what is so bad about it, we only live once.”

“All this is weed, and it is legal, damn! I would like to live here.”

The legislator said that “I swear all of us are naturally high! Some with Nyasore others busaaa! instead of giving directions or consulting they decide to give a striker the ball while facing the goal post! Sawa twende kazi!”

The late Kibra MP Ken Okoth had championed the legalisation of bhang.

Okoth had tabled the Marijuana  Control Bill in 2018 to decriminalise marijuana.

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko had suggested during Okoth’s funeral service that it was time to continue Okoth’s work and legalise medical marijuana to treat cancer and protect the health of the masses.

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