Kiva Sales & Service (KSS) Appoints Former Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Executive Brooks Jorgensen As President

Kiva Sales & Service, one of the leading cannabis distributors in California, has formally announced the appointment of Brooks Jorgensen as President. Jorgensen is the former Vice President and General Manager of Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits / Domaines & Estates Division, and brings to KSS 20 years of commercial and sales management experience. As newly minted President,  Jorgensen will parlay this extensive knowledge of wine and spirits distribution to take KSS through the next stage of growth, including refining operations and growing suppliers within the portfolio.

“I look forward to learning the nuances of the cannabis industry from the KSS team.” said Jorgensen, “and pairing that with the experience I bring from wine and spirits to accelerate KSS’s growth as a best-in-class, full service distributor known for cultivating the most successful and authentic brands.”

Jorgensen is passionate about company culture, and is committed to the training and development of his teams. His first undertaking as KSS President will be to familiarize himself with pre-existing KSS supplier teams, discuss their businesses and goals, and explore how the company can collectively work together for continued market success.

In welcoming Jorgensen to the KSS team, Kiva Confections Co-founder and CEO Scott Palmer stated, “Kiva Sales & Service has supported and grown brands since its inception. If we’ve learned anything about distribution in the last 10 years of business, it’s that relationships are everything. The dynamic nature of product innovation and consumer preferences demands a culture of education and storytelling. Brooks’ 25 years in the fine wine and spirits universe brings that emphasis to bear.”

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