Koala Karma Podcast No.46. Bob Hoban, Dede Perkins the founder and CEO of Procanna and Dr Mama Deta Meghoo

This week Heather chats with Bob Hoban of Law Firm Clark Hill about his work in Columbia + a quick round up of his thoughts on what’s happening in other jurisdictions in South & Central America.

Bob Hoban

Then we pop back to the US and a conversation with Dede Perkins about one of our favorite subjects, compliance, and her company’s platform that aims to make life easier for companies in the very complicated world of cannabis compliance.

Dede Perkins Co-founder of Onside Compliance, Inc., and ProCanna, has a true entrepreneurial spirit. She joined the cannabis industry in 2013 as a member of the application team that won one of the first competitive vertically integrated applications in Massachusetts. After that, she helped win cannabis licenses in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Nevada. A regulatory specialist, Dede is passionate about combining compliance with operational excellence, safe, standardized products, empowered employees; strong company culture and brands.


Heather then speaks with Dr Mama Desta Meghoo about the work she is doing in Lesotho and her thoughts on what is happening and should be happening throughout Africa in the industry over the next few years. She’s worked with the African Union in Ethiopia, was born in Jamaica, lived in the US, completed her doctorate in Florida and that’s only the half of it. If we had more people like Meghoo running the industry we’d be in a much better place. A wonderful and rather life affirming conversation.

Dr Mama Desta Meghoo

As always music too.

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