Kool Aid Drinking Starts In NZ ! “Cannabis referendum: CBD oil companies set up in NZ as potential gold rush looms”

Please excuse us if we sound a bit world weary  when we see a headline like this. Every time a  new US state opens up to some form of cannabis regulation this headline  is indicitive of the first off the block headlines from local press…

It is difficult to predict the future, something we all know in 2020!

From our reading of the proposed NZ legislation in the various drafts and memos we’ve seen over the last 14-18 months; one thing we have noticed is that the NZ government is trying to be as sensible as possible in terms of trying to not create a quick money goldrush environment. Instead protect local growers and create a both envionmentally and financially stable sector that is designed in the main for the domestic consumption market

The spruikers, pump and dumpers, useless webinar creators and a whole host of quick money people are building up the perceived excitement of the NZ market to serve their own purposes best illustrated in the following image…



Let’s just bullet a few things to calm people down a bit

A) It is 2020 !

B) All of this relies upon a positive result in a referendum (it’s not a done deal until the people say)

C) The Adern government has shown itself both to protective of NZ interests, concerned with compliance and most definitely wary of a fully commercialised regulated cannabis sector contolled by businesses from other jurisdictions.

D) Adern doesn’t suffer fools, parasites and greed.


Here at CLR we say, yes get excited by the prospect of regulation in NZ but don’t get carried away and think that it’s all about a quick buck. It isn’t.


Here’s the introduction to the Stuff.com report

The cannabis referendum has the potential to spark an economic boom for New Zealand, and international sports supplements companies are clawing for their share of the pie.

A recent poll showed 48 per cent of Kiwis would support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, compared to 43 per cent who were opposed.

If the referendum was passed, it would mean the government could introduce a bill.

If passed into law, it could give the green light for sports and health supplements, derived from cannabis, to be sold over the counter.

More at:  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/cannabis-referendum/300053870/cannabis-referendum-cbd-oil-companies-set-up-in-nz-as-potential-gold-rush-looms

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