Landlord in disbelief after attorney DMT bust ‘He’s the nicest kid you’ve ever met in your life’

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Omaha landlord is gutting his one-bedroom rental house after Omaha police busted a major psychedelic drug manufacturing operation there. John Mahoney owns the house in the Florence area, and he and his wife Stacey live next door.

“Me and my wife, it’s hard to get over because we try to help people. I’ve done that my whole life,” said Mahoney.


In September, he rented the home to an attorney he’s known for about four years after he had him draw up some legal papers for him.

“He’s the nicest kid you’ve ever met in your life. Sweetest kid. Everybody that met him said he was the nicest kid ever,” said Mahoney.

The tenant was 34-year-old Jonathan Lawler, an Omaha attorney whose private practice was last listed in the Blackstone area.

Mahoney said the first month of the living arrangement was great. Mahoney visited the rental house almost daily and was working on making improvements for the next tenant. He said Lawler told him he was only staying for a few months because he was in between houses and went through a divorce. The two spent many evenings talking and Mahoney said he felt like Lawler was a friend. He said he never saw Lawler leave for work, but he was kind to neighbors and had two dogs which he loved.

“And then you realize he’s got some issues,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney said Lawler paid rent the first month, but then things got sketchy. He said Lawler would anger quickly, pick fights, and avoid him.

“His mom came and paid his rent. Then last month, he couldn’t pay his rent,” said Mahoney.

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