Last Prisoner Project LPP Re-entry Resource Team Webinar 



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LPP Re-entry Resource Team Webinar

On Saturday, May 8 at 12pm PT LPPs Re-entry Resource Team—in partnership with The Academy of Cannabis Science—is hosting an educational webinar focused on helping system-impacted individuals learn how to break into the regulated cannabis industry. ⁣

This week’s webinar will feature insights and actionable tips from cannabis industry executives Sean Tabor, Head of Talent at Jane Technologies, Kelsea Appelbaum, the Head of Community Partnerships at Vangst, and moderator Trey Reckling, the Founder of The Academy of Cannabis Science.

While the event is open to all, the content aims to address the unique needs of, and challenges faced by, system-impacted folks. If that’s you or someone you know, please be sure to register (for free) by heading here.

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