Latest Cannabis Course Updates – Morocco & USA

Cannabis Training in Morocco.

The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime 2020 report ranked Morocco as the world’s largest producer of cannabis resin. Morocco legalized medicinal cannabis in 2021. Since legalization, Morocco is concentrating cultivation in specific provinces called the “Gateway to Europe.”  It is the current center of illicit cannabis cultivation and domestic hash production. The legalization regime will train cannabis farmers and organize them into management cooperatives enabling them to work with pharmaceutical laboratories and the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-related Activities.

Dense and accelerated training sessions will include the technical aspect of growing the plant, its processing, and packaging,


Hemp Education.

Cornell University has an online certificate in Hemp breeding. It is comprised of 3 core courses and 3 electives. The 3 elective tracks are Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Food Product Development. It looks well-conceived and introductory enough so students will have a foundation to build on for further training.


Hemp webinars.

The USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and Cornell University announced the launch of a webinar series on hemp research at the beginning of 2022. The webinars continue until May.

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