remembers cannabis on 420 day

We’re  not sure if it is an afterthought or a hint of things to come as we note they are surveying their readership on cannabis – as always we don’t actually know what’s being said as it is all behind a paywall.

A High Holiday for the Cannabis Industry’: Pot Lawyer Talks 4/20, Biden Administration Changes, and the Future of Psychedelics

By Karen Sloan | Zack Needles

Attorney Dustin Robinson shares how he went from working at a large law firm to founding his own firm called Mr. Marijuana Law, which serves clients in the cannabis and psychedelics industries. Read More


Take the Survey: Marijuana Attitudes In the Legal Industry

By Contributing Editors

It’s hard not to notice that here in the U.S., societal attitudes around marijuana are fast evolving. Have attitudes changed in the legal industry as well? Read More

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